Why Mentorship is Important in the Workplace

A corporate employee mentors a high school student at her workplace

The impact of mentorship is felt two-fold for mentors and mentees throughout the youth mentoring programs offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters.

The Workplace Mentoring program, in particular, offers high school students a jump start in their professional development with exposure to new careers and one-on-one time with accomplished mentors. Sessions take place throughout the academic year and focus on college and career readiness with real-life insight from the mentors..

In return, corporate mentors—who volunteer an hour of their workday each month to meet one-to-one with their mentee—report feeling more engaged with their company and their community.

Real-Life Example: Why Mentorship is Important in the Workplace

Programs like Workplace Mentoring demonstrate why mentorship is important in the workplace—mentoring creates a company culture that values learning, development and community.

“I joined the Workplace Mentoring program with the hope of learning something new and being able to take information and experiences from older people and use it as my own and to really make connections with new people,” said Isabella, mentee to Jennifer Binkley, CEO of Altura Credit Union (ACU). “Jennifer has taught me to be myself and never be afraid to step up to anything.”

Binkley has worked at ACU for nearly two decades and has always been a mentor in her workplace, finding empowering growth amongst other employees to be one of the most rewarding parts of her job.

“[Altura Credit Union’s] mission statement is to enrich lives and empower dreams,” Binkley said. “It’s rewarding that I truly get to make a difference for our members and for our team members while also improving our local communities.”

Meet Jennifer and Isabella

During the last three years, Binkley has also found job satisfaction as a corporate mentor, igniting potential in her mentee Isabella who dreams of becoming a nurse. As Isabella and the rest of her Workplace Mentoring cohort start to navigate the college application process next year, Binkley and her fellow employees and mentors will continue to walk alongside their mentees as they explore all their possible post-graduation pathways.

To hear more about how mentorship has impacted Binkley’s personal and professional journey, click here to watch her interview with her mentee.

Why Mentorship is Important in the Workplace for Women

According to a National Women’s Law Center analysis, women’s labor force participation rate hit a 33-year low in January 2021. With millions of women exiting the workforce in 2020, it has never been more crucial for our youth to see and interact with female leaders in business.

“There is great pleasure and satisfaction in taking the time to help others,” says Lori Pollard, VP/Product & Sales Support Manager at Citizens Business Bank. “I enjoy sharing strength and success strategies for our youth to use to their benefit and help them to become the best they can be.”


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