Three Steps on How to Find a Mentor for Your Child

Parent finds a mentor for their child

A mentor empowers a child to realize their biggest possible future. To achieve their full potential. Nobody wants to see this more than the parents and guardians raising these promising youth. But while you may be determined to connect your child with that extra support system, you may not know exactly how to find a mentor for them.

That’s where the expert staff at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Inland Empire steps in. To find the perfect match for your child, follow these three steps.

Step One: Figure Out What You are Looking for in a Mentor

As important as it is for your child to connect with their mentor, it can be equally as important for you to connect with their mentor. From matching communication styles to aligning life viewpoints, the relationship between the parent and mentor is critical to a match’s success.

How to Find a Mentor that Fits With What You Want

To find someone who aligns with what you are looking for in a mentor for your child, ask yourself questions like:

  1. In what areas of your child’s life or development would you like a mentor to provide extra support?
  2. How often do you want your child to meet with their mentor?
  3. What are some traits that you admire in a person?
  4. What personality type would mesh well with how your family communicates?
  5. What are your deal-breakers that would make you not want to move forward with a possible mentor for your child?

Once you have an idea of must-haves in a mentor, click here to fill out an enrollment form to get the process started.

Step Two: How to Find a Mentor Your Child Connects With

After you submit your child’s enrollment form, our proven pre-match process begins. An enrollment specialist at Big Brothers Big Sisters will meet with both you and your child to get to know you better.

During an interview, the enrollment specialist will ask your child targeted, age-appropriate questions to learn more about their personality, interests and goals. They will also assess how your child feels about being matched with a mentor and what they want in their “Big.”

To ensure your child’s match will be successful, it is crucial to confirm that your son or daughter is truly interested in being a part of this program. By being open, honest and willing during this step of the process, you and your child will help our specially-trained team find the perfect mentor for your child.

Step Three: Big Brothers Big Sisters Makes the Match

The enrollment team at Big Brothers Big Sisters are experts in connecting the right child with the right mentor. The team hand-selects a mentor from a database of screened and approved volunteers waiting to be matched. A volunteer and child are deemed a potential match if the team determines that their personalities, interests and goals for the experience align perfectly.

Once a potential match is made, you, your child and your child’s potential mentor will all meet to get to know each other, ask questions and determine if there is a connection. At the end of this meeting, everyone will independently decide if they are ready to move forward with the match. Due to the diligence, research and expertise of our staff, the majority of pre-match meetings end in a new match.

Big Brothers Big Sisters knows exactly how to find a mentor who will ignite your child’s potential. If you are ready to get started, fill out an enrollment form today!

Find a mentor like Big Sister Estela for your child
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2021 California Big Sister of the Year Estela Rubio and her Little Sister Annissa


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