2019 Big Brother of the Year

The Big of the Year winners are announced annually on Thank Your Mentor Day, part of National Mentoring Month. This year, the local campaign is powered by 100 Companies Who Care, a proud sponsor that believes in the ability of youth mentoring to make a life-changing impact for children in the community.

Big Brother: Joseph
Little Brother: Christopher
Matched since April 19, 2016

Joseph Chiado has been named the 2019 Big Brother of the Year for his incredible charitable spirit and efforts for the agency that extend beyond a mentor.

Joseph met his Little Brother, Christopher, in 2016. Fifteen-year-old Christopher needed a positive male role model who could guide him through his teenage years. Joseph has helped reshape his Little Brother’s mindset toward school and helped him develop strong social skills.

Last year, he urged Christopher to challenge himself in the classroom and think of how what he’s doing now will help him in the future. Christopher then enrolled in AP classes for the very first time. Joseph and Christopher are now touring colleges together, and preparing for the next phase in Christopher’s life.

Outside of the classroom, there weren’t many positive influences in Christopher’s neighborhood. Joseph introduced Christopher to the idea of joining a youth group. Christopher quickly bonded with the other teenagers in the group who shared similar interests. He enjoys participating in their weekly discussions about topics such as politics and current events.

Joseph doesn’t miss out on any part of Christopher’s life, whether it be milestones like a choir performance or his first prom, or struggles like health complications. When Christopher encountered a serious health issue during their first year as a match, Joseph was there for every treatment until he made a full recovery.

As Christopher approaches the end of high school, Joseph provides him with valuable advice on potential career pathways. After his Little Brother expressed interest in becoming a cop, he brought Christopher to an event where he was able to speak one-on-one with a police officer. It’s opportunities like these that have helped contribute to Christopher’s positive new outlook for the future.


Bright Futures

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