What is Mentorship: A Mentee’s Perspective

What is Mentorship: Mentee Perspective

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we know that empowered youth have the potential to change our world. Through one-to-one, professionally-supported mentorship, we are on a mission to decrease the number of disconnected youth in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

But what is mentorship? Here three of our youth explain how mentorship has made an impact in their lives.

What is Mentorship to Little Sister Lucina

What is mentorship to Lucina?

Written by Lucina, Little Sister to Judit since 2019

I was very proud of myself when I graduated from high school. Even though my graduation was small, it was very meaningful, and I am proud to say that I am a 2020 Fontana High School graduate!

I couldn’t give more thanks to Judit as she really helped me focus and understand what college life can be and that it’s what you make of it.

What is Mentorship: A Support System

Transitioning to college, my first semester was very hectic as I was very indecisive about my major, panicking about having a passing GPA, as well as sad about not experiencing campus life.

Judit has taught me studying tips and little bits of advice here and there that have made a drastic change and put me at ease during my first year at Cal State LA. When I freak out about stuff like grades, she reminds me that I am not a failure, I just have to learn from it and get back up even stronger.

“I can’t thank Judit enough for giving me a chance and not leaving. She has taught me so much and the bond that we created is something I will always cherish.”

What is Mentorship to Little Brother Mauricio

What is mentorship to Mauricio?

Written by Mauricio, Little Brother to Anthony since 2019

I disliked school before I met my Big Brother. History was a subject I didn’t really want to learn, and I was struggling with it.
One Saturday, Anthony and I went to Starbucks and he helped me organize all my stuff, helped me with my homework, and helped me understand it—finally.

I don’t really know what I might do for college except for doing a mechanic class. Anthony has said that college is a good way to look around to find yourself even more, which I think helps me out. He always says that whatever I do, he’ll support me, and I’m happy that he does.

What is Mentorship: Encouraging Advice

Anthony is really important to me. He brought out the best in me and I found myself more when hanging out with him.

Anthony is a person that I trust, and I feel like I can go up to him if I ever need advice on something and he’ll help me. Anthony is one of the reasons why I am who I am today.

What is Mentorship to Little Sister Ameera

Written by Ameera, Little Sister to Daphne since 2020

Having a Big Sister like Daphne really helped keep me motivated to get my work done and to be in a good mood during the pandemic.

After I graduate, I would like to pursue a career in psychology and travel the world. I hope to have Daphne’s support for many years to come, even after I graduate.

What is Mentorship: Positivity

I feel very lucky to have my Big Sister Daphne. She understands me and always seems to know the right things to say to keep me looking on the bright side.

She has been by my side through a lot so far this year. She gave me back that motivation to keep going. As much as she is by my side, I plan to be by hers.

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