Our site based programs are very similar to our community based program but take place on site and are facilitated by our team.  We have two distinct Site-Based Programs.

Workplace Mentoring

This site-based program matches a local corporation with a school in our community.  Employee “Bigs” are matched, one-to-one with a student from the partner school and the matches meet in a group setting once a month at the partner corporation.  Big Brothers Big Sisters provides the after school transportation and facilitates the sessions.  This program provides the opportunity for our children to experience careers and professions they may not have even known were possibilities.  This program follows a curriculum designed by our team to focus on career exploration, relationship building, college readiness with a unique and tailored spin for each organization.  Whether it’s financial literacy, STEM or the arts, we can tailor the program to the skills of your company.

High School Bigs

In this program, qualified high school students serve as mentors to an elementary school “Little.” In this one-to-one mentoring program, Littles and Bigs meet once a week with other matches in a group setting at the Littles’ school.  This program is facilitated by a Big Brothers Big Sisters team member and has a curriculum designed specifically for this peer-to-peer age group.  Topics include, academic achievement, bullying, self esteem and relationship building blocks.